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Genshin Impact And This Treasure Goes To Quest Guide. Check out how to arrange the floral courtyard with the hints, a full quest guide, the total rewards, and more! It will involve searching a camp and rescuing a scholar.

Genshin Impact And This Treasure Goes To Quest Guide
Genshin Impact And This Treasure Goes To Quest Guide from

Clear out the camp and open the chest near the first. This guide will help you decide. This will give you the key to the cage so you can free the woman.

Genshin Impact And This Treasure Goes To Quest Guide.

This guide will help you decide. One of genshin impact's longer world quests, but not as long as chasm delvers, is the millennial mountains quest chain. Is a world quest in lingju pass, liyue.

You Want To Speak To Soraya About It, Who Can Find To The West Of The Large Ruins In The Area.

Genshin impact offers a profusion of world quests that players encounter while exploring the open world of teyvat. To start the treasure lost treasure found quest in genshin impact, you have to talk to soraya at the guili plains, south of the guili ruins. At the end of the quest, there will be a precious chest unlocked nearby.

Treasure Lost Treasure Found To Start The Treasure Lost Treasure Found Quest In Genshin Impact, You Have To Talk To Soraya At The Guili Plains , South Of The Guili Ruins.

This quest will start here on the map. Scroll down to find its locations. This potion is a dangerous substance where a bottle is filled with dense geo elemental energy.

The First Part Of The.

This post will provide several hints and tips on how to succeed in the game. Head to the west of lingju pass and find the camp with treasure hoarders. Head to the center of find the hidden treasure buried under the giant golden tree.

Near The Lingju Pass, On The Eastern Side Of The Pool, You Will Find A Poor Lady Who Has Been Trapped In A Cage.

Soraya will talk to you about her curiosity about how many secrets liyue holds, and the secrets specifically being the inscriptions on the guili. (side quest) guide” is a side quest guide for the recently released 2d japanese role playing game genshin impact. Defeating them will remove the lock mechanism on the nearby chest, which contains a quest item:


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