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Ear Stretching Guide Size. You will still need two plugs, obviously, if you're stretching both ears. Start at the size that your ear was pierced at and go up one row for the size you can safely stretch to for your next step.

Those Cheap Champagne Nights Ear Stretching size chart
Those Cheap Champagne Nights Ear Stretching size chart from

You will still need two plugs, obviously, if you're stretching both ears. Things you'll need to stretch your ears If your funds are really limited, here's a tip for you:

Remember, This Is A Generalized Overview And Should Just Be Used As A Guide!

Weighting may get you to the maximum ear stretching size, which is 00g. Once you get to a larger size (generally around 0 gauge) then using the tape wrapping method is a good option to use for stretching and it is the method almost everyone uses over 1 inch. Once you hit this size, the likelihood that your ear will return to normal after removal is lower.

45 Rows There Are Three Different Measurements That You Are Going To See When It Comes To Ear Stretching Sizes, Millimetres (Mm), Inches (), And Gauge (G).

You can stretch each ear separately with just the one, though it's faster doing both at once. It gets lower with each and every size you stretch. Wait two weeks then try again.

(I've Stretched To 00G Twice And My Lobes Went Back To Normal Both Times.

All of our custom ear stretching kits give you multiple options to suit your stretching needs. Ear piercings that were done with a piercing gun are usually 18g or 20g. Your ears may not be ready to stretch if you feel pain.

Most Regular Piercings Are At 18 Gauge.

You could have your ears gauged from skilled beauty salons. Once you decide on stretching you’ll then increase to a size 12 gauge (2mm) taper. This isn't a yes or no question, it really depends on each individual because we are all different.

Now That We Have Discussed The Gauge Size Chart And The Various Measurement Options Available, You Should Also Keep In Mind That At Times Your Piercing Artist Might Not Have The Available Options For Your Ear Gauge.

Experiences or anything else that comes to mind, ear stretching or non ear stretching. After making sure that your ears are fully healed from the initial piercing, you can start stretching at a 16 gauge. Discuss and explore a wide range of topics.


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