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Drill Guide Block Harbor Freight. Only chuck with taper shank (164) is included. Inserted metal drill guide offers six common drill diameters:

Harbor Freight Tool Haul YouTube
Harbor Freight Tool Haul YouTube from

Replace the taper shank cutter with the drill chuck (or other tool) if desired. Slowly push drill bit towards grinding stone, keeping it in the guide. Repeat for each cutting edge (2 edges per drill bit.)

Between Edge Sharpening, Cool Drill Bit In Water For Five Minutes.

Milescraft 1312 drill block(26.40$) the tool fits all 3/8″ and 1/2″ power drills while it also includes a 3/8″ capacity chuck with key. Loosen handle (30) attached to the limit block (65). Set the depth stopper (9) by moving your drill and drill bit (not included) along the guide rods (2) until the drill bit has protruded below the base (6) to the desired depth.

Drill Holes Of The Appropriate Size (Where Previously Marked With A Pencil) Through The Top Of The Workbench.

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You Can Purchase Both For Home Improvement Projects.

Align the mark on the board with the desired dowel diameter (see hole sizes in guide block). 1/8, 3/16, 1/4, 5/16, 3/8 and 1/2. Inserted metal drill guide offers six common drill diameters:

Drill At Any Angle From 45 To 90 Degrees With Precision Using This Angle Drill Guide.

Spring return keeps guide in ready position. Do not use excessive force. The self centering jig takes the guesswork out of centering tubes, pipes, dowels or any other round stock.

Slowly Push Drill Bit Towards Grinding Stone, Keeping It In The Guide.

Separate the two boards, and clamp the doweling jig over the edge of one of the boards. Never operate at a higher speed than the maximum speed rating of the drill bit. Simply set this self centering jig in your drill press, bolt it down and the bit will always hit center with no marking or center punching required!


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