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Best Size Christmas Tree. If you plan to use a christmas tree topper, subtract 12 inches from your ceiling height. Shop standard christmas trees large:

QVC Santa's Best Starry Light Christmas Tree multiple
QVC Santa's Best Starry Light Christmas Tree multiple from

Since artificial trees are lighter, their stands don't need to be as sturdy, and they tend to be much cheaper. Instead, place it during a garage or shed to acclimate it to the warmer air. The taller and wider the tree is, the smaller the topper will appear.

Allot Extra Space To Accommodate Gifts.

Using the ladder, measure the distance between the ceiling and floor with your measuring tape. This usually ends up being right around the same length of the longest branches on the tree or slightly smaller. If you don’t need a topper, subtract 6 inches from your ceiling height.

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Christmas trees with a height range of 4 to 5. Those that fit the tallest of artificial trees might be closer to $50. For example if you have an 8 ft (243 cm) ceiling, go for a 7.5 ft tree.

Shop Standard Christmas Trees Large:

Luckily, most stands indicate the size tree they can accommodate. Choose the location where you want to put your christmas tree step 2: Standard is the most common size of christmas tree;

As A General Rule, Christmas Tree Stands For Real Trees Are More Expensive.

This should comfortably accommodate the tree stand and topper. There are plenty of light bulbs throughout the tree, and even if one burns out, the rest will stay lit. Standard 6 foot trees are a perfect match with this size range;

Great For Medium Or Tall Pencil Trees.

Max suggested is 5/6 foot trees that are narrow or pencil, this creates a subtle, appropriate fit. 4 to 5 feet christmas trees. As size does inevitably matter in asian households, the tallest tree you can opt for should still allow a minimum of 6 inches to 1.5 ft of space between the tip of your tree and the ceiling.


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